2130 is my final major project and a video game, which I was creative director and producer for. The game is set 110 years from 2020, after the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of setting the game in a dystopian future, where our society has crumbled and our world completely devastated, I took this opportunity to create a future where we have learned from this experience and have changed for the better.
2130 has not been programmed as a playable game. My project focused on the game design elements, including characters, costumes, back stories, set design, music, merchandise, and game posters,. I collaborated with various practitioners, in order to achieve the final results. The final outcome was then to create a “hype” for/promote the game with an Instagram account with all of the material made.
Graphic Design: Liam Nash
3D Modelling of clothing: Carylle Mirano
Music: Lucy Brown
Models: Yixin, NIna, and Countess
Garments: Caro Chia, Alexandra Fan, and Ivy Lam
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